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Workflow Magic Release

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Released: Feb 4, 2008
Updated: Feb 5, 2008 by Leandro_Sardi
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Application Installer
application, 3532K, uploaded Feb 4, 2008 - 690 downloads

Other Available Downloads

Documentation Developer Manual. Chapter 2 (English)
documentation, 225K, uploaded Feb 4, 2008 - 333 downloads
Documentation Developer Manual. Chapter 4 (English)
documentation, 248K, uploaded Feb 4, 2008 - 239 downloads
Documentation Developer Manual (Spanish)
documentation, 817K, uploaded Feb 4, 2008 - 141 downloads
Documentation HowTo Upload SQL Server BackUp (Spanish)
documentation, 141K, uploaded Feb 4, 2008 - 73 downloads
Documentation Workflow Magic Architecture (Spanish)
documentation, 143K, uploaded Feb 4, 2008 - 113 downloads
Documentation Workflow Magic Convenitons (Spanish)
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Release Notes

Why a new version?

The new Workflow Magic version has several important features:
  • Full Customer Example. At this example you can receive orders, deliver and get paid for your products. More, you have stock control by reports.
  • Full Supply Example. At this example you can order, receive and pay products. More, you have stock control by reports.
  • Small Production Example. Called as STE project. At this example you can receive works, diagnostic problems, estimate the cost of work and Charge the repairs done.
  • Beta Financial Example. At this example you can do payment and recovers with the cash flow, current accounts flow, bank account flow and checkbooks.
  • Global Lenguage Support. At this new version, we provide the English Translation. Now, you can run the application in two different languages (Spanish and English).
  • Work-Trace Plugin. This plugin show the complete workflow history for any transactional object (deliver orders, payment orders, etc.). It provides important information to the user.
  • Free Version. This new version is time unlimited.

All Works at this version

Works at release

  • 3494 Feature. WorkMap Plugin.
  • 3495 Issue. Installer don´t replace view.exe and other files.

Works at release

  • 3487 Issue. Error Sale Orders. An involutive bug, generated by a wrong dll version. This bug causes that you can´t create any transactional object. We has resolved it for this version.

Works at release

  • 2452 Task: Problema en Proveedor y Cliente.
  • 2642 Task: Deploy FREE Version.
  • 3149 Issue: Problema al eliminar un registro.
  • 3247 Issue: Problema en la paginacion de la VUI.
  • 3300 Issue: Problema al crear items en factura de compra.
  • 3301 Feature: Agregar iconos describiendo el estado.
  • 3320 Feature: Problema Configuracion Regional.
  • 3321 Task: Develop Financial Example.
  • 3324 Task: Agregar Wizard para solicitud de soporte en linea.
  • 3326 Task: Rename Example project as _Commons.
  • 3431 Feature: MakeDoc Utility.
  • 3466 Task: Make English Translation.
  • 3467 Task: Translate Chapters 2,4,6 from Spanish to English Title is required

Free Version

Free Version allow you to manage no more than 150 rows / table.
Professional and Enterprise versions are comming in next days, in our website:

Next Steps

The next versions will fix the following works:
  • Implement the 484 to 492 features.
  • Write more documentation.
  • Develop ORM Web Service. This is an important feature for version.

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Important Note: All new releases need to upload the database backup provides by the installer, in $WFM/data/mssql.

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