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What is Workflow Magic?

Workflow Magic is a smart client framework for develop both SaaS or On-Site business desktop applications.

Workflow Magic provides an Open Source Business Rules Engine, with a great User Interface and a robust Data Access Layer.

To develop SaaS applications, Workflow Magic runs over a Cloud SQL Service to connect databases on web as are you working on LAN.


CRM, Inventory, Invoicing, Supply, Taxes, Roles Administration...


Dashboards, Workflow Trace plugins, Group Work administration, On-Grid data manipulation...


Why Workflow Magic?

With Workflow Magic you can:
  • Get a Free ERP Framework with several examples:
    • Customer Relationship (CRM). Manage your sales force, marketing campaigns and bussines opportunities.
    • Sales and Supply. You'll can receive orders, deliver and get paid for your products. You'll can order, receive and pay products. You'll have stock control by reports.
    • Inventory. To get monitoring stock levels at real-time. You'll get low-stock and high-stock alerts.

  • Price Lists
  • Cash Movements
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Users Administration
  • Workflow Configuration

  • You will develop more stable software, in a short time, with the same human resources,
  • write fine demos quickly, for any customer, for any business,
  • adopt good practices of design, preventing programmers falls.

How is Workflow Magic?

Workflow Magic provides:
  • A full skinable, SAP like, User Interface for any data maintenance,
  • An ERP Framework that provides our standard business objects,
  • A robust Business Rules Engine for implement workflows in minutes,
  • A modern MVC architecture, for implement custom business rules,
  • An easy and fast ORM, for design your custom data model.

Workflow Magic Abstracts

Some Workflow Magic's features are in the following abstracts:

Workflow Magic Architecture

More about Workflow Magic architecture is in the next picture,

For learn more about Workflow Magic you can contact us via mail to Workflow Magic Team

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